Royal Supremacy Legislation

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1. What was the Submission of the Clergy?

  • established shift of independance of the church, surrendered to the crown, new laws were created - old laws were changed if they undermined the King
  • Henry had complete control of church, finalised removal of papal authority
  • Validised AB marriage, illegitimised Mary, popes name removed from all prayer books in Henry's Order
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2. What did the act of Dispensations do?

  • Stopped all payments to Rome
  • Finalised removal of Papal authority
  • illegitimised Mary
  • Gave Henry complete control over the Church

3. What did the Pardon of the Clergy mean?

  • Clergy had to pay £100,000 to buy pardon of their 'crimes'
  • Made AB marriage valid
  • establish shift of independence
  • Stopped all payments to Rome

4. What year was the Pardon of the Clergy?

  • 1530
  • 1531
  • 1534
  • 1532

5. What year was the Submission of the Clergy?

  • 1531
  • 1534
  • 1532
  • 1533


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