a2 elizabeth 1s foreign policy

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The Act of Supremacy and Act of Uniformity 1559

This established the Elizabethan Religious Settlement,

-       Declared that Elizabeth was Supreme Governor of the Church

-       They revived the legislation which was repealed un Mary

-       They revoked the Heresy Acts and Papal supremacy

-       Imposed an oath on all clergy and office holders to enforce conformity to the new prayer book

-       Punishments for people who refused the new prayer books and fines for those who didn’t attend church

-       Set down church ornamentation and clergy’s dress should be as in the more moderate 1549 prayer book


The Book of Common Prayer denied the real presence of Christ during the communion service.


The Royal Injunctions of 1559

Drafted by Cecil, ordered the Clergy to;

-       Observe the Royal Supremacy and preach against papal authority

-       Condemn images, relics and miracles


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