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What is Infiltration?
When water soaks into the soil
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What is Percolation?
When water moves vertically down through soil and rock
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What is Throughflow?
When water in the soil flows downhill
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What is Groundwater Flow?
When water in the rocks flows downhill
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What is Surface Runoff?
When water flows overground
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What is Channel Flow?
The flow of water in a river
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What is Channel Storage?
When water is held in a river
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What is Groundwater Storage?
When water is stored underground in soil or rocks
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What is Interception Storage?
When water lands on things that intercept it, like plant leaves, preventing it from reaching the ground
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What is Surface Storage?
When water is held in things like lakes, ponds, etc.
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What is Mechanical Weathering?
When rocks are physically broken down, for example freeze-thaw weathering
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What is freeze-thaw weathering?
When water gets into a crack in a rock, then is cooled to below 0°C when it freezes and expands, expanding the crack also. This is repeated where the water keeps freezing and melting, and part of the rock breaks off
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What is Chemical weathering?
When rock is broken down, by a chemical reaction, for example the effect acid rain has on Limestone and other rocks
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What is Biological Weathering?
When living things, such as plants and their roots get into cracks in rocks and break apart the rock
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What is in the Upper Course of a river?
Narrow, shallow channel / V-shaped valley, with steep sides / Waterfalls / Rapids / Gorges
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What is in the Middle Course of a river?
Gently sloping valley sides / wider, deeper channel / Meanders / Ox-bow lakes
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What is in the Lower Course of a river?
Very wide, almost flat valley / very wide, deep channel
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What is Hydraulic Action?
The force of the water removing rocks from the river channel
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What is Corrasion/Abrasion?
Eroded rocks in the river scrape against the river channel, eroding it away
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What is Attrition?
When eroded rocks in the river smash into eachother and break into smaller fragments, making the bedload smaller and rounding off the rocks so they are smoother
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What is corrosion?
When river water dissolves certain types of rocks, breaking them down
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What is traction?
Large boulders are pushed and roll along the river bed
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What is saltation?
When smaller pebbles and rocks bounce along the river bed
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What is Suspension?
When very small particles are carried along, suspended in the river
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What is solution?
When soluble materials are dissolved in the water and carried along river
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What is Percolation?


When water moves vertically down through soil and rock

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What is Throughflow?


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What is Groundwater Flow?


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