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This is a summary of each module for OCR Avery Hill B
Each unit contains the topic and what main things you should with the case studies of tht topic , you may hve dne diff case studies so i suggest u shuld jus go with the ones uv learnt.

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Weather and climate Differences between weather and climate.
How weather and climate are measured.
Reasons for differences in weather ­ e.g. altitude, latitude,
distance from sea, types of rainfall, pressure etc.
Comparing climates ­ describing graphs ­ e.g. UK, Monsoon,
Rainforest etc
Impact of climate on human activities.
Pressure systems and Depressions and anticyclones in UK ­ main features and
impacts on climate weather. Link to case studies ­ 1987 storm and 2003 drought
and heatwave.
Interpreting synoptic charts and satellite images.
Monsoons ­ seasonal reversal of low and high pressure ­
causes and impacts.
Hurricanes ­ development of tropical low pressure systems
and impacts e.g. Hurricane Gilbert
Weather and human Relates to other sections including:
activity Impacts of depressions and anticyclones in UK 1987
storm and 2005/6 drought
Impact of monsoons - India
Impact of hurricane ­ Hurricane Gilbert
Global Warming
Acid Rain
Ecosystems Global biomes and small scale ecosystems
Inputs, outputs, stores and flows
Nutrient and carbon cycle
Food chains and webs
Links to climate ­ plant adaptations and growing season.
Small scale ecosystem Focus on Epping Forest ­ Location and structure of
Climate and adaptations.
Uses of forest
Effects on the ecosystem
Management strategies
Large scale ecosystem Focus on Malaysia ­ Location and structure of ecosystem.
Climate and adaptations.
Uses of forest
Effects on forest ecosystem
Management strategies
Rainforest destruction as a cause for global concern.

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World Urbanisation Location of world's largest cities and how this has changed.
Rural urban migration ­ Push/Pull factors
Impacts of rapid urbanisation for both city and rural areas.
MEDC cities Quality of life for different groups of people - zones in an LEDC city.
Access to housing.
Growth of zones in the city ­ characteristics of different zones ­
particularly inner city and suburbs.
Problems of cities in MEDCs.…read more

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Hydrological cycle Water cycle and how it works.
Main stores and flows. How cycle is changed if an element within the
cycle changes.
Terminology ­ precipitation, evaporation, condensation etc
Drainage basin Processes operating in a drainage basin. Stores and transfers/flows.
Changes in the drainage basin and how they affect the cycle ­
deforestation, urbanisation, heavy rain, freezing weather etc.
Hydrographs ­ what they are and names of the main parts.
What affects their shape and why ­ drought, dam building, urbanisation
etc.…read more

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Employment structure Terminology ­ employment structure, primary, secondary,
tertiary, formal, informal etc.
Changes in employment structure in the UK ­why?
Differences between regions, urban/rural areas, MEDCs and
Comparison of UK with an LEDC like India
Change in employment structure over time ­ linked to changing
job opportunities. Technology in India.
Development, Trade and North/South divide in UK ­ causes and consequences.
Aid Core/Periphery regions in the EU
Indicators of development (problems of GNP as an indicator)
Main differences between LEDCs and MEDCs.…read more


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