Reactive Alexander II 1866-1881

A quiz on reactive Alexander II policy

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1. Why were debating and discussion subjects banned?

  • They encouraged free thinking and liberalism, which was unhealthy towards the Tsarist Government
  • They offered no employment opportunities
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2. After the Vera Zasulich case what happened to political crime trials?

  • 1878 - Political crimes were tried in secret
  • They weren't conducted the suspect was presumed guilty and exiled
  • They continued to be conducted openly

3. What were the limitations upon students with a modern education?

  • They couldn't go to university only higher technical institutions
  • They were banned from St Petersburg
  • They couldn't work within the Tsarist government

4. Whose control did Alexander II move education from after 1866?

  • from zemstva to the Ministry Of Interior
  • From zemstva to the Church
  • From the zemstva to Third section

5. Why were open trials such a failure?

  • They allowed guilty suspects to be freed by biased juries - Vera Zasulich acquited even though she was guilty
  • They took too long to conduct
  • It captures too many innocent suspects


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