Rahe - procedures

What was Rahe's research method?
a correlation between questionnaires and medical records
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What was Rahes sample?
oppurtunist sample
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How many pps were there?
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How many navy cruisers?
3 US
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Mean age was?
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How much of the sample was lost?
10% 2684
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What was filled in?
A military version of the SRE
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How often?
6 months for 2 years prior to duty
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What score were pps given?
An indivual life change unit
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What was it based on?
total amount of adjustment needed due to each stressful life event
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Where were the ships placed?
2 in vietman and 1 was in the meditteranean
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What was only considered?
new illnesses, information about number , type, severity
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What was repeated visits called?
they only counted once
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A visit was not counted when?
they thought the sailor was trying to get out of work
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What were pps not aware of ?
their lcu score and illnesses would be correlated nor were the medical officers on board
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What was rahe interested in?
what level of LCU score would lead to illness in a generally healthy groups of pps
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What ethical issues were addressed?
keeping the names of the pps confidental so it was not possible to trace an illness to an individual sailor
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What was Rahes sample?


oppurtunist sample

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How many pps were there?


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How many navy cruisers?


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Mean age was?


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