Stress in everyday life

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  • Stress in everyday life
    • Life changes
      • significant changes in a persons life which disrupt their normal routines
      • Research investigating the relationship between life events and illness HOLMES AND RAHE (1967)
        • examined hospital records of 5000 patients
        • identified 43 life events
        • presented list of events to 394 paricipants
          • rated each event out of 100 in terms of intensity
            • 'LIFE CHANGE UNITS' assigned marriage 50 LCU to compare with other events
              • Once calculated, arranged in rank order to form the 'SOCIAL READJUSTMENT SCALE' (SRRS)
                • More stressful than marriage= death of spouse, divorce, marital seperation
        • Positive correlation between LCU score and illness
        • 300 LCU=80% chance of illness
        • 150-299 LCU=50% chance of illness
        • Untitled
      • Evaluation Holmes and Rahe
        • Data from study was correlational
          • avoids ethical issues
            • Potential issue
              • Recalling traumatic life events may be distressing
                • AVOID; make participants aware of procedure and be allowed to withdraw
        • Brown (1974)
          • Ignores individual differences


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