Psychology Unit 2 Stress in everyday life

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Life Changes

The Social Readjustment Rating Scale (SRRS) - Holmes and Rahe 1967. Widely used of all methods for assessing life stress.

examples of life events... (LCU = Life Change Unit)

  • Death of spouse - LCU = 100
  • Christmas - LCU = 12
  • Marriage - LCU = 50

How it works... Check off any of the 43 life events they had experienced over a given period (usually 2 years or less), then total scored and used it as an index of that person's life stress. Score of 150 or more increased the chances of stress-related health by 30%, while a score of over 300 increased it by 50%.

Research into sources of stress

A study of life changes as a source of stress - Rahe 1970

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