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2. What did Mulsant et al find?

  • At least 1/3 of patients complained of memory loss
  • Unilateral ECT is less likely to cause cognitive problems.
  • Significant improvement in 83% of cases (elderly patients)
  • ECT is more effective than drug therapy in the short-term

3. Who found children whose mothers died in childhood were more likely to experience depression?

  • Harrington
  • Bifulco
  • Mulsant
  • Comer

4. Who found 20% of probands relatives have depression compared to 10% of the whole population?

  • Harrington et al
  • Wender et al
  • Glowinski et al
  • McGuffin et al

5. Who found that those with a negative attributional style showed more symptoms associated with depression when stressed?

  • Kendler et al
  • Kwon et al
  • Kuyken et al
  • Lewisohn et al


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