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2. What does the preparation phase consist of?

  • No food (6 hours), barbiturates, oxygen
  • No food, oxygen, attached electrodes
  • Oxygen, barbiturates, electrodes, voltage
  • No alcohol, no smoking, oxygen for 6 hours.

3. What did Comer find?

  • CBT and psychotherapy are the most effective.
  • Psychotherapy is not very effective.
  • Drugs are more effective than psychotherapy.
  • Psychotherapy does not work in conjunction with citalopram.

4. How many CBT sessions does an individual usually attend?

  • 20 over 16 weeks
  • 16 over 20 weeks
  • 6 over 10 weeks
  • 10 over 6 weeks

5. When did Lewisohn begin to study participants?

  • After they were hospitalised with depression
  • After a family member (proband) developed depression
  • Before they became depressed
  • After they were diagnosed with depression


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