PSYA4: Depression

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1. Apart from Beck's Cognitive Theory, what is a cognitive explanation of depression?

  • Reformulated Learned Helplessness (Abramson)
  • Theory of Ironic Processes of Mental Control (Wegner)
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (Mulsant)
  • Negative Self-Reflection (Thomson)
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2. Who found CBT is effective in reducing symptoms and preventing relapse?

  • Kuyken et al
  • Kwon et al
  • Kendler et al
  • Lewisohn et al

3. What did Horvath and Bedi find?

  • The median drop out rate for psychotherapy was 8%
  • Success of IPT depends on quality of relationship between therapist and client.
  • No improvement when IPT was used with citalopram
  • IPT was as effective as cognitive therapy and drug therapy in reducing symptoms

4. One study echoed the findings of Delgado et al (tryptophan deficient amino acid mixture resulted in a relapse of symptoms). Who?

  • Kwon et al
  • Ruhe et al
  • Mulsant et al
  • Kuyken et al.

5. What did Comer find?

  • Psychotherapy does not work in conjunction with citalopram.
  • Drugs are more effective than psychotherapy.
  • Psychotherapy is not very effective.
  • CBT and psychotherapy are the most effective.


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