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2. What are All or Nothing, minimisation and selective abstraction examples of?

  • Negative Attributional Style
  • Cognitive Triad
  • Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs)
  • Learned Helplessness

3. At what stage do individuals with depression become fixated (according to the psychodynamic approach)

  • Genital
  • Oral
  • Phallic
  • Anal

4. Who found test-retest reliability was poor-to-fair?

  • Keller et al
  • Comer
  • Beck et al
  • Bifulco et al

5. What did Mulsant et al find?

  • At least 1/3 of patients complained of memory loss
  • Unilateral ECT is less likely to cause cognitive problems.
  • Significant improvement in 83% of cases (elderly patients)
  • ECT is more effective than drug therapy in the short-term


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