PSYA4: Depression

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1. Depression frequently occurs alongside other disorders (Co-morbidity). Which disorder does depression NOT frequently occur alongside?

  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Placental infarction
  • Alcoholism
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2. Who found depressed individuals receiving anti-depressant medication experienced a return of their symptoms following a diet with lower levels of tryptophan (AO1)?

  • Thase and Kupfer
  • Delgado et al
  • Kraft et al
  • Mulsant et al

3. What is the interpersonal Inventory?

  • An analysis of communication patterns
  • An outline of current relationships and problems
  • A diary of negative thoughts
  • A successful relationship

4. What did Lesperance find?

  • No improvement when IPT was used with citalopram
  • The median drop out rate for psychotherapy was 8%
  • Success of IPT depends on quality of relationship between therapist and client.
  • IPT was as effective as cognitive therapy and drug therapy in reducing symptoms

5. Did Hammen support or oppose the distinction between endogenous and non-endogenous depressions?

  • Oppose
  • Support


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