Prohibition-Part 1

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1. A campaign for prohibition's introduction was...

  • 'Lips that touch liquour shall not touch ours'
  • 'Liqour that touch lips shall touch ours'
  • 'Lips that touch liqour shall touch ours'
  • 'Liqour that touch lips shall not touch ours'
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2. Prohibtion lead to an increase in...

  • Violence, Gang crime and culture
  • Peace and prosperity
  • Late night drinking
  • Alcohol consumption

3. How many staes had to agree for it to ratify?

  • 36
  • 39
  • 37
  • 38

4. In order to show that prohibition was serious, what happened?

  • People were shot
  • Existing alcohol was publicly poured away
  • People were arrested
  • Breweries were burnt down

5. The movement was strong in...

  • Eastern, Rich areas
  • Western, Poor areas
  • Southern, Rural and Protestant areas
  • Northern, Urban and Catholic areas


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