Women's Civil Rights Timeline including Presidents

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Women Revision Topic                                                                              1861-1999

Before Period: Civil War (1861-1865) Women worked briefly outside the home

Abraham Lincoln was president (1861-1865)

Attitudes towards women were based around certain 'spheres' or 'separate spheres' (women were revolved around the family and the home)

Andrew Johnson was president (1865 - 1869)

1866 the American Equal Rights Association (Campaigning for suffrage for all citizens)

1869 The National Women's Suffrage Association (NWSA) and The American Women's Suffrage Association (AWSA) formed for the right to vote

Ulysses S. Grant was president (1869-1877)

1870 15th Amendment passed but didn't include women which caused outrage

1873 Comstock laws banned contraception

1873 Women's Crusade founded which campaigned for prohibition

1874 Women's Christian Temperance Union formed which campaigned for prohibition

Grover Cleveland (1885 - 1889)

1889 Hull House founded by Jane Addams campaigned against social issues such as poor housing and aided immigrants in finding jobs also helped women and families 

1890 National American Women's Suffrage Association formed by both previous groups merging together however they only represented half of active campaigners

Grover Cleveland was president (1893-1897)

1893 The Anti Saloon League was set up in order to ban alcohol

1896 The National Association for Coloured Women campaigned against gender discrimination and racial prejudice

William McKinley was president (1897-1901)  

1899 National Consumers League campaigned for higher wages



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