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Women's Rights: Key
organisations and
individuals…read more

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Major Organisations and their impact…read more

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Mainly middle class organisation.
Founded by Susan B Anthony and
Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1874.
Promoted the cause of woman's suffrage
and combating the evils of excessive
2nd president was Frances Willard.
Effective in prohibition movement as
Congress passed amendment in 1917.
By 1919 the amendment was ratified.
Women's Christian Temperance
Union…read more

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Pressure group established in 1899
(associated with Hull House).
Focused on securing fair working
conditions including reasonable working
hours and fair pay.
Successful in gaining recognition of issues
in the workplace.
National Consumer's League…read more

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Merging of AWSA and NWSA in 1890
formed this organisation.
Headed by Carrie Chapman Catt.
Organised moderate campaign of lobbying
politicians, spreading info, and it started
to make progress state by state achieving
the vote.
National American Women's
Suffrage Association (NAWSA)…read more

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Established by Margaret Sanger in 1921.
Campaigned for the Comstock laws to be
reversed- eventually lifted in 1938.
She launched the first legal birth control
clinic with financial backing from
Rockefeller in 1923.
Educated women about contraception and
American Birth Control League
(ABCL)…read more

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