x4 data collecting techniques?
Self-report, Experiment, Observation, Correlation
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x3 sample obtaining techniques?
Self selecting, opportunity, random
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Self-selecting strength & weakeness?
Upholds ethical guidelines of consent, more ethical. Biased, certain type (confident)
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Opportunity strength & weakness?
Quick to find specific mix. Biased on researcher - choose helpful (unrepresentative)
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Random strength & weakness?
Not biased - representative sample. Limited methods - breaks consent.
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Name 6 ethical guidelines.
Consent, Deception, Right to withdraw, Protection from harm, confidentiality, debrief.
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Meaning of validity?
Accuracy and honesty.
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x4 factors related to validity
Demand characteristics, Controls (eliminate extraneous variables), Deceiving of aims so can't change behaviour, socially desirable answers.
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Meaning of reliability?
Consistency & Standardized
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5 factors related to reliability?
Large sample, Repeating study (see if same results obtained), technical equipment to obtain results, collecting data in number of ways/compare, Procedure detailed - replicable by others.
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Strengths of quantitative data? x2
easier to analyse & compare, more objective (scientific).
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Weaknesses of quantitative? x2
Reduces info, over-simplified statistics. No reasons why behaviour occured.
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Qualitative strengths? x2
In-depth & detailed info, Offers explanations.
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Weaknesses of qualitative?
More open to misinterpretation, difficult to analyse & compare.
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Name measures of central tendency.
Mean, median, mode.
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x3 sample obtaining techniques?


Self selecting, opportunity, random

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Self-selecting strength & weakeness?


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Opportunity strength & weakness?


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Random strength & weakness?


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