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Is autism an extreme
male brain condition?
The Biological Key Issue…read more

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What is Autism?
O Mild Aspergers Autism
O Officially shown 3-4 yrs
O Can't sympathise
O Struggle with emotions
O Don't like eye contact or phsycal contact
O Low level of language ability
O Resistant to change
O Problems with non-verbal
communications…read more

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British High Functioning
O Daniel Paul Tamment
O Gifted in maths + foreign language
O Has asperges
O Holds the record for reciting pi =22514
O Speaks 11 languages…read more

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The facts of autism
O 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism
O Asperges 1:10 males:females…read more

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Brain Structure
O Male and female brains different
O M brain =heavier
O Bailey et al 1994 A brains =even heavier
O M brain grows more quickly
O A brains grow even faster
O M = larger amygdala =controls emotional
O A children amygdala =abnormally large
O M = smaller corpus callosum (CC) =links
O A CC =even smaller…read more

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Brain Function
O M = more laterlisation of brain functions
O Use right hemisphere more
O If A extreme M brain people with autism should
show an even stronger laterlisation
O M brain =develop language ability slower
O A =even slower
O M better at spatial tasks
O A =even better
O Baren-Cohen
O Diff. in systemising + emotional abilities of M + F…read more

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