philosophy and religion

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the believe that natural phenomena such as animals,rocks,tree`s,thunder or celestial bodies, have life or divinity.
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compulsive obsessional disorders
repeating actions to reduce stress and anxiety caused by not doing the action,the unconscious revealing stress through physical means.
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an emotional excess. Fredia psychology a way of the unconscious to relieve stress.
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inner psychological conflict
the conflict between id,ego and super ego. This can cause distress leading to neurosis and illusions.
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The term here does not mean a false or mistaken belief but one that is based on fulfillment. An illusion is a belief derived from human wishes.
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the psyche`s drive to achieve satisfaction. It includes the sex drive.
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experiencing opposing or conflicting emotions,attitudes,ideas or wishes towards a person or situation.
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neurotic illness
A psychological illness affecting the brain.
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A psycological disorder. In Fredian psychology-an imbalance of the forces of id,ego and super ego.
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oedipus complex
The sexual attraction of a boy to his mother and simulataneous fear of his father.
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primal horde
The original tribes humans live in.
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the technical term for the mind. The term is understood to include all the conscious and unconscious components of the mind.
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unwanted of taboo thoughts,desires,fears and anxieties that get banished into the unconscious.
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the compulsive desire to perform and repeat an action which has some meaning to the person acting it out.
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The process by which the sexual instinct is redirected into other activities,such as culture and art.
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The transformation of the "father" into a worshiped idol.
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An event in the subject`s life,defined by its intensity, by the subject incapacity to respond adequately to it and by the upheaval and long-lasting effects that it brings about in the psychical organization-Freud
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something that effects many or all people in someway, for example Freud says religion is universal neurosis.
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unconscious mind
contains basic drives,such as breathing and forgotten memories. The conscious mind contains our present thoughts ans accessible memories.
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wish fulfilment
The secret hope of our greatest longing,satisfied.
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compulsive obsessional disorders


repeating actions to reduce stress and anxiety caused by not doing the action,the unconscious revealing stress through physical means.

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inner psychological conflict


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