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The word Atheism derives from the Greek
a- (not with or without)
theos (God)
Atheism is an incredibly difficult concept to define as
there are many different ways that the term could be
used. Often atheism is divided into two types
How do you define Atheism? Discuss this with the person
next to you and together help write down a definition
Positive atheism Positive atheism and Negative
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Positive Atheism
`Positive Atheism' is where someone is of the firm
opinion that there is no God, whose position is that
of disbelief and who thinks theists are wrong
This definition conjures a feeling that this outlook
on religion will lead to conflict.
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Negative Atheism
`Negative Atheism' is where someone has no belief
in God in the sense of having absence of belief. This
could include those too young or too mentally infirm
to have any concept of belief in God, or those who
have never been given the question of God any
thought and whose lives do not include any
reference to God
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Lesson Objective
To explore and identify the various
philosophical musings concerning Atheism
To investigate the social, historical and
cultural environment in which these
philosophies were born.
To interpret and critically analyse these
philosophical teachings and apply this
knowledge to exam based questions
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Lesson Outcomes
All must be able to know a variety of philosophical
arguments that support atheism
Most could be able to translate your understanding
of this content into an exam question
Some might be able to explain the way that the
social/cultural and historical context helped shape
these philosophical theories.
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