Unit 2 Investigations



  • Born in 1225 in Italy
  • Great theologican and philosopher 
  • Wealthy family - study in Paris
  • Heavily influenced by Aristole
  • Nickname 'dumb ox' - stout nature and physical round appearance.
  • Later known as 'angelic doctor' - for his amazing contribution to Philosophy and Religion.

Aquinas' great thinking - vast impact on illuminating ones understanding of God.

Leslek Kolakowski's book Why is there somethin rather than nothing? observes ''that in the Catholic Church, Thomism has the reputation of a doctrine which better than any other serves to conform and strengthen intellectual Catholic heritage''

  • Most famous for his book - Summa Theologica 
  • Inteneded as a manual to help those - understand themselves and their religion.
  • Has gone beyond it's time.
  • Consists of Aquinas' Five Ways - set to prove the existence of God.
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