Religious Responses to Science


Positive Religious Responses to Science 

  • C.Stephan Evans (Philosophy of Religion). There is no conflict between religion and science. Rather than replacng religion, science has replaced "myth" and "magic." This idea maintains religious belief without the closed minded approach of fundamentalists. It is also more in line with the nature of the develiopment of Christian thought, which has been anything but dogmatic and close minded.
  • Keith Ward (Holding Fast to God). Religion (theology in particular) aims to provide a theological explanation for the universe, rather than a causal explanation. The formal explanation of why the universe should have come into being is beyond the scape of science. Scientific discerneries have added to the claims of theology by opening up the ever more complex explanation of the universerve. 
  • Adam Ford (Universe: God, Man and Science). Science and religion can co-exist. Many scientific theories were being discussed in religion long before the birth of modern science for instance, Augustine of Hippo appeared to suggest the possibility of evolution. While the universe apears to be subject to random chance, it is still a part of a game whose rules were formulated by God. Everything in th universe is subject to God's will - not just at the point of creation, but throughout history. The more discover about the world, the more we discover about God. 
  • Russell Stannard (Grounds of Reasonal Belief). Science can only deal with physical explanations. Science (especially the evoluntionary theory) appears to have discounted the designer God…


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