Key indiviudals: miracles, design argument, creationism

Who, book, what book said

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  • Philosophy of Religion (Key Individuals)
    • Miracles
      • David Hume 'An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding' 1748
    • Creationism
      • 'The Descent of Man' 1971
        • Link between Humans and Apes
      • Darwin 'On the origins of Species' 1960
        • Natural Selection and Evolution
      • Michael Behe 'Dawrins Black Box'
        • Intelligent Design
    • Design Argument
      • Aquinas 'Summa Theologica'
        • Prove the existence of God based on what he could see
      • William Paley 'Natural Theology' 1802
        • Clock Analogy (universe is like a machine)
      • Swinburne 'The Existence of God' 1979
        • Universal Order- more probable there was a designer


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