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what is the definition of philosophy?
philosophy is the study of big questions about existence, knowledge, values, reasons, mind and other concepts and ideas.
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what are ethics?
how people should act in situations.
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what is moral dillema?
a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two courses of action, either of which entails transgressing a moral principle.
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what is an allegory?
a story with a hidden meaning that is usually moral or political.
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what is the individual meaning? (of plato's theory)
we all have our own 'cave' and just follow other people to try and fit in.
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what is the political meaning? (of plato's theory)
the politicians are like puppets and they manipulate you to think what they want to you to think
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what is the story about?
how different people can have different perceptions on what is real?
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what is scepticism?
to doubt the truth of something. in philosophy it is the theory that certain knowledge is impossible to have.
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what is descartes theory about?
if an evil scientist stole your brains and made us perceptive what they want us to perceive. there are electrical impulses that run through our brain. this removes the normal thing we rely on our brain for.
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what does cogito, ergo sum mean in english?
'i think, therefore i am'
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what did kant say? (as in his theory)
kant said that when you have an immoral dilemma, take the emotion out of the equation.
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what is duty?
something that one is expected or required to by moral or legal obligation
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what is deontology?
when manking a moral decision, you must not look at the consequences of an action itself that is important.
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what is catogorical imperative?
refers to rules that are unconditional and absolute for all people
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what is the trolley problem?
the trolley problem is a though experiment first introduced by british moral philosophers phillippa foot in 1967.
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which part is the oldest?
the id
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which part is the devil?
the id
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which is the opposite of the id/the angel?
the super - ego
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which one is between the devil and angel/between the super - ego and the id
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was this quiz amazing or AMAZING
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what are ethics?


how people should act in situations.

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what is moral dillema?


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what is an allegory?


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what is the individual meaning? (of plato's theory)


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