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Philosophy, Ethics and
Unit 3
Matters of Life, Matters of Death,
Drug Abuse, Crime and Punishment.…read more

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Matters of Life
Matters of Death
Drug Abuse
Crime and Punishment
Christian Views are in BLUE
Buddhist Views are in RED…read more

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Matters of Life
The Sanctity of Life:
Sanctity means holiness. The phrase means that all
life is holy and should be protected. `You shall not kill'
is in the ten commandments. The sanctity influences
Christians when they decide upon issues.
The Quality of Life:
Quality refers to the kind of life that we lead. It is
subjective as people have a different opinion on what
is or is not a good quality of life.…read more

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Matters of Life
When does life begin?
There are different opinions on when life begins:
When the sperm fertilizes the egg
When the embryo becomes implanted into the wall of the
When the mother feels the baby move
At the babies first heartbeat
When the foetus can survive outside the womb
When the baby is born…read more

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Matters of Life
Abortion is when a pregnancy is deliberately ended. Abortion is
legal in Britain, and is allowed if two doctors agree on one of the
four reasons:
The mothers life is at risk
There is a risk to the mothers mental or physical health
There is a risk that another child would suffer
There is a risk that the unborn child would suffer when born
Roman Catholics are against abortion. They believe it is murder. They say
that only God can take away life. The church of England would not
condemn the person but talk to them ­ thinking of the good Samaritan.
Buddhists think it is wrong, but it is acceptable if the motive is not selfish.…read more

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Matters of Life
Fertility treatment
AIH = Artificial Insemination by Husband
AID = Artificial Insemination by Donor
IVF = In Vitro Fertilization ­ Test tube babies
Surrogacy = When a woman has a child for another
couple ­ the child must be related to the couple and
they cant pay for it or make the mother give it up.
Buddhists say it is up to the individual whether they
want fertility treatment
Roman Catholics do not like it, but other Christians
accept it.…read more

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