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Part 2: Part B: Taking a leadership Role

Hello, for my Unit 2: Part B I've made a mind map (shown on the previous page) to show all the different aspects to consider when directing and producing a play. On this page I'm going to go into a bit more detail about each consideration. Below is list of all the things I thought needed to be explained. E.g.: For cast, I will explain how I will pick my cast, where I will find them and how many people I need for the cast.

Script – Starting in a logical order the script should be first. Because of course you can't have a play without a plot. When I originally decided to produce a play I chose to do the Wizard of Oz. However due to a low budget and high copyright costs I realised a production of the Wizard of Oz would be impossible. I talked it over with my advisor and she suggested writing a pantomime. At first I was against the idea, but then when I started actually planning the play, I realised playwriting is actually sort of amazing and now aside from considering it as a career I’m a quarter through actually writing the play. Because the play will be performed around Christmas time I've written it as a pantomime. The


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