Peace Marches in 1963: Washington and Birmingham, Alabama

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1. Why did Birmingham close all public parks, buildings, playing fields and swimming pools in 1962?

  • Because of a lack of funds - not enough money to keep them open,
  • To avoid integrating them.
  • To make a point about not being satisfied about misuse of such areas.
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2. On which date did civil rights campaigners begin a full-scale, non-violent desegregation campaign with anti-segregation marches in Birmingham?

  • 21st February 1963
  • 3rd April 1963
  • 5th May 1963
  • 8th August 1963

3. On which date did the Mayor of Birmingham and protest leaders meet to work out how to break down segregation in the city?

  • 18th December 1963
  • 10th May 1963
  • 20th June 1963
  • 2nd November 1963

4. Why did JFK advise against the march through Washington?

  • He feared the bad publicity the USA would get, if, like at Birmingham, the police responded violently.
  • He feared it wouldn't help the discussion of the Civil Rights Bill that he was trying to pass through Congress.
  • He feared violence would break out between campaigners.
  • He didn't understand the purpose of the march

5. How many white people marched through Washington?

  • 60,000
  • 80,000
  • 50,000
  • 70,000


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