Peace Marches in 1963: Washington and Birmingham, Alabama

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1. On which date was the march on Washington?

  • 26th September 1963
  • 31st October 1963
  • 28th August 1963
  • 4th July 1963
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2. On which date was the 1st big children's demonstration in Birmingham?

  • 12th December 1963
  • 24th October 1963
  • 2nd May 1963
  • 8th June 1963

3. Why did Birmingham close all public parks, buildings, playing fields and swimming pools in 1962?

  • Because of a lack of funds - not enough money to keep them open,
  • To avoid integrating them.
  • To make a point about not being satisfied about misuse of such areas.

4. On the day after the first big children's demonstration in Birmingham more children marched. This time what did the police use against them?

  • Dogs and fire hoses.
  • Dogs and tasers.
  • Dogs and flame throwers.
  • Batons and petrol bombs.

5. Birmingham's chief of police was given what nickname, due to his aggressive nature (e.g. he was said to have given the KKK 15 mins to beat up Freedom Riders in May 1961 before sending his police in)?

  • 'Bull' Connor
  • 'Rage' Connor
  • 'Bully' Connor
  • 'Hulk' Connor


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