history controlled assessment part b 3

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  • MLK
    • Religion was important to him
      • He was a preacher
    • He was peaceful
      • He believed in turning the other cheek
    • He was an intergrationist
      • Believed in blacks and whites living together in 1 society
    • He was a member of the southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC)
    • Protests he was a part of
      • Bus boycott
      • The Albany movement
        • The Albany  movement was a coalition formed in November 1961 in Albany, to protest city segregation policies
      • Birmingham(1963)
        • The Birmingham campaign was a strategic effort started by Dr. King's SCLC to end discriminatory economic policies in the Alabama city. Some of the protests included boycotting certain businesses that hired only white people or that had segregated restrooms.
      • March on Washington(Aug. 28, 1963)
        • I have a dream speech
        • it drew between 200,000 and 300,000 police and participants
          • 80% of the people were black
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