Why was Martin Luther King important to the Civil Rights movement?

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  • Why was MLK important to the Civil right movement?
    • Boycott of Montgomery
      • Leader of the Boycott
      • Lasted one year
      • Leader of Civil rights fir thirteen years
      • Rose Parks refused to give up her seat for a white man
        • Supreme court declared segregation
      • Bus system in 1950's
    • 1963 march in Washington
      • 1/4 million people supporting
        • 50,000 were white
      • MLK speech
        • "I have a dream"
          • One day of equality for all* blacks
          • Walking for freedom
          • Still the most inspirational speech to date
    • 1963 protest against Birmingham Alabama
      • Peaceful Protest
        • King was arrested and jailed for protest
      • Bring a lot of media attention
      • "bobbing" because of violence
      • Violent and rasist
      • Against discrimination
    • Nobel peace prize 1964
      • WW recognition
    • Southern leadership Christian confrence
      • Co-ordinate protests against discrimination
    • 1965 MLK assassination
      • James Earl Ray
        • White man
    • 1965 Selma march
      • Few weeks later violating rights
      • Untitled
  • Against discrimination


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