p53 and ras

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1. Tumour supressor proteins can help prevent cell death, repair damaged DNA, components of cell signalling pathways, or ____

  • Are involved in cell anchorage
  • Are involved with mitosis
  • Are involved with creating/destroying the cell wall
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2. p53 was discovered in 1979 as a cellular target of _____ virus

  • Simian 40
  • Simon 40

3. Viral oncoproteins known to inhibit ___ are: adenovirus, hepatitis b, papilloma virus, epstein barr, human Tcell lymphotropic virus

  • p53
  • t53
  • p30
  • t40

4. This molecule blocks p53's transcriptional activity, and causes its degredation

  • MCAT
  • MDM2
  • MDMA

5. Tumour suppressor alleles are usually

  • Recessive
  • Dominant


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