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  • Microbes/Micro-organisms
    • Viruses
      • Reproduce by taking over cells.
      • Smallest type of microbe
      • Scientists don't classify them as living things
      • Include things such as Measles and Chicken Pox.
    • Fungi
      • Biggest type of Microbe.
      • Different types of fungi
        • Mould
        • Single celled yeast
      • Can cause Athletes foot and Ringworm
    • Bacteria
      • Single-celled
      • Food poisoning
        • TB
      • Just big enough to be seen through an ordinary light microscope
      • Help decay dead animals and plants
      • Used in making food.
        • Yogurt and chesse etc.
    • Protozoa
      • They are single-celled organisms.
      • Diseases
        • Malaria, sleeping-sickness etc.
      • Live in ponds and damp spaces.
      • Some are big enough to be seen through a magnifying glass.


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