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2. Who sided with Melisende?

  • Hugh, count of Jaffa
  • Willliam of Tyre
  • Baldwin III
  • Fulk, Count of Anjou

3. When was Hugh of Jaffa accused of high treason and sentenced to 3 years of exile?

  • 1134
  • 1130
  • 1135
  • 1133

4. How did Fulk respond to having to share rule with Melisende?

  • Confused, he was told by her farther, Baldwin II, that he would be sole ruler
  • Badly, ignored the requirement to rule jointly and deliberately sidelined her
  • Happily accepted, he believed 2 rulers would succeed rather than one
  • Badley, but did it anyway

5. Who became King of Jerusalem in 1100

  • Baldwin of Boulonge
  • Godfrey of Buillon
  • Fulk of Anjou
  • Fulcher of Chartres


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