1099- Capture of Jerusalem

1100- Baldwin king of Jerusalem

July 1100- Bohemond captured by Muslims

May 1101 – Caesarea taken

1101- Crusade (ended at Jaffa in 1102)

1104- Acre fell to the Christians

1105- Baldwin & Tancred had Muslim allies in their struggle against each other

1106- Bohemond arrived in the West

1107- Bohemond recruited a large following to attack the Byzantine Empire

1108- Treaty of Devol (Bohemond lost)

1112 – Bohemond died in Italy

1115- Baldwin constructed a huge castle of Montreal in Transjordan to dominate the country

1117 – Plague of locusts

1118 – Baldwin died

Baldwin II accession (1118- 1131)

1119 – Battle of the Field of Blood - II Ghazi of Mardin with the forced of Tughtigin surrounded Prince Roger’s army near Sarmarda. Roger + many nobles were killed.

Massacre of pilgrims

1120- Church council at Nablus

1124 – The siege of Tyre

1127- Baldwin II encouraged the master of the Templars to travel to gain papal approval for the order + gather men for another crusade

Baldwin II wife died

Count Fulk V




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