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2. what type of foods can iron be found in?

  • Liver, eggs, butter and orange and yellow vegetables
  • Red meat, dark green vegetables, eggs, chocolate, cereals and dried fruit
  • Potatoes, rice, pasta
  • oily fish, butter, cheese, meat

3. What does fat do?

  • Provides protection and insulation
  • Helps the body heal
  • Absorbtion of iron
  • Healthy skin and tissue

4. what functions does vitamin B help with?

  • healthy skin and tissue
  • Formation of red blood cells, transfer and release of energy
  • Strong bones, absorbtion of calcium
  • healthy skin, absorbtion of iron

5. What nutrient is Mainly found in: Meat, Fish, Milk, Eggs, Lentils, Soya and Pulses

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Protien
  • Fat


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