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2. Which of these is not a feature used to determine the grade of a tumour?

  • Nuclear size
  • Secretion of proteolytic enzymes
  • Mitotic activity
  • Degree of differentiation

3. What is an adenoma?

  • A benign neoplasm of glandular epithelium
  • A malignant neoplasm of glandular epithelium
  • A benign neoplasm of cartilage
  • A malignant neoplasm of cartilage

4. What is a proto-oncogene?

  • A gene that protects a cell from one step on the path to cancer
  • A gene that is responsible for inducing apoptosis
  • A normal gene that can undergo a mutation to become an oncogene
  • A gene which is inappropriately abnormally or excessively expressed in tumours and is responsible for their abnormal growth

5. What does 'N' mean in the determination of the stage of a tumour?

  • The depth of invasion.
  • The number of lymph nodes involved.
  • The nuclear size and pleomorphism.
  • The degree of metastases.


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