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2. What date did Hitler become Fuhrer of Germany?

  • 3rd of September 1939
  • 11th of November 1918
  • 2nd of August 1934
  • 30th of January 1933

3. How did the Germans feel about the signing of armistice?

  • Blamed Hitler
  • Looking forward to the future
  • Stabbed in the back
  • Happy the war was over

4. Night of the..... (June 1934)

  • Jews
  • Long knives
  • Krisstallnacht
  • Putsch

5. What was the name of the agreement between the Pope and Hitler?

  • The Final Solution
  • The Concordat
  • The Dictat
  • The Treaty of Versailles




This is so helpful!!! A* for effort. Thank you you will get me through my GCSE!!:D

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