Music and Cognition

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Where does place coding of pitch take place?
The cochlear
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'The distance of optimal response on basilar membrane is proportional to ____'
the log of the frequency
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High pitch sounds are detected where?
At the base of the BM
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What is the critical bandwith
the frequency at which the displacement of the BM by two sounds no longer overlaps perceptibly
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what happens when the peaks and troughs of two similar sounds combine
you get 'beating' produced by the sensory dissonance
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What is the fundamental frequency?
The greatest common divisor of the harmonics
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What did Zatorre 1988 show?
Heschl's gyri and surrounding cortex in the right cerebral hemisphere play a crucial role in extracting the pitch corresponding to a fundamental
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What did platinga and trainor 2005 show?
Infants use relative rather than absolute pitch, and don't really notice when a melody is pitch shifted.
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How do people react to changes in transposed melodies
unable to tell if intervals change in transposed melodies as long as the contour remains the same
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What other dimensions can pitch interval and contour be percieved by?
Loudness and Brightness (McDermott, 2010
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Study about where pitch perception is in the brain
Johnsrude - 2000. There is functional specificity in the right auditory cortex for perceiving pitch direction.
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What was found out about where the brain processes intervallic and contour detail?
Liegois-Chauvel, 1998. Contour is processed in the Rh as a scaffold onto which intervallic data is elaborated in the LH
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Name of the developmental disorder of pitch perception
Congentital Amusia
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Who found that people with congenital amusia also can't detect speech internations like questions?
Lui et al, 2010
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Where are the structural abnormalities in amusia
temporal and frontal cortex - hyde et al, 2006.
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What did Simpson and Huron learn about absolute pitch
1994. it might be learned or conditioned. Because pp possessors were more accurate on notes that appear more often.
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4 theories of perfect pitch
Unlearning, Early Learning, Genetic inheritance, Cultural influence
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Evidence for Unlearning
Saffran and Griepentrog - 2001, Infants have absolute tone processing. Volkova 2006, 7 month olds remember absolute pitch of a lullaby
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Evidence for early learning
Miyazaki 1988, early music lessons and AP strongly correlated. Crozier 1997, better at learning pitch naming in 6 weeks training at 4-5 than 13-15
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Evidence for genetic inheritence
AP more likely to have anotehr AP in the family - Baharloo 1988. Greater likelihood for a monod twin to have a AP twin than a DZ twin. ( Theusch 2011)
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Evidence for cultural influence
ap much more common in japanese musicians - suzuki method. (Miyazaki). AP more prevanant in cultures that speak a tonal language - Deutsch 2009
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The neuroscience of absolute pitch
AP show greater activation in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (Bermudez and Zatorre 2005)
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More neuro
There is an increased leftward symmetry of the planum temporale in AP, Shlaug 2001. Zatorre 1998, the size of the left PT is associated with pitch naming accuracy in AP.
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BUT contradictory evidence about PT
Higher levels of AP in blind people but no difference in PT size. Hamilton 2004
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'The distance of optimal response on basilar membrane is proportional to ____'


the log of the frequency

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High pitch sounds are detected where?


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What is the critical bandwith


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what happens when the peaks and troughs of two similar sounds combine


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