Media Theories & Issues and Debates

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1. Structuralism 'whena plot is structured around a series of questions to maintain the audiences' interest in the product'. This is...

  • Symbolic codes
  • Enigmatic codes
  • Action codes
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2. The thrid and final level is...

  • Synaptic Level
  • Representational Level
  • Symbolic Level
  • Stereotypical Level

3. Medurst (1995) suggested that...

  • Stereotypes are about power, with those whose are in power stereotyping those without power
  • Stereotypes can be seen as a type of media shorthand so that texts can communicate information to the audience quickly
  • A stereotype can be created and controlled by the identified social group

4. Post Colonialism is...

  • Concerned with the cumulative effect of engaging with a variety of media products
  • Concerned with the changing representation of ethnicities in the media
  • Concerned with the representation of homosexuals and how this is usually limited by the media

5. According to semiotics, Sassure (1916) suggest there are three levels on which we read media products. The first level is...

  • Representational Level
  • Cultural Level
  • Syntactic Level
  • Symbolic Level
  • Signalisational Level


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