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How much influence do films have
on teenagers/children lives?…read more

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Key theories/ issues and debates
· Bandura (1961) developed social learning
perspective, suggesting that viewers learn
from media consumption.
· Critising this theory: conclusions from his work
have continually critized and rebuked.
Personal opinion, everyone is different, all
brought up in a different way, some are more
vulnerable than others. Stuart hall different
ways of reading something.…read more

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The Jamie Bulger Case:
· The killing of a toddler by two young boys
under the age of 10. The two boys were said
to have watched the movie Childs play 3 and
was thus influenced to commit the crime.

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Critising the theory
· The cultivation perspective, on the other hand,
suggests that it is not the content of an individual
media text that affects people. But the
cumulative effect of watching a range of media
text that has an effect. This is also known as the
*saturation perspective*. It has, for example,
been suggested that people become
*desensitised* towards voilence in the media
over time. However as early as 1970's, Gerbner
pointed out the impossibility of proving this
theory.…read more

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Critising the theory
Although it is widely believed that movies affect
the way young minds work and influence
them to do things that may not otherwise do,
it can also be said that movies are in part
influenced by real people and their lives. This
is proven in movies where at the beginning
they say "based on a true story" a movie for
example that has been based on a true story is
called "The Texas Cheerleading Scandal"…read more

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Seeing it from both sides
· Just because movies can influence
children/teenagers mind does not mean that
they affect them in a negative way, they can
also influence them on a positive way.
· Look for examples, with articles or videos for
proof.…read more

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