i, daniel blake

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  • I, Daniel Blake
    • Product Context
      • Independent social realist film
      • Funded by the BFI and BBC Films
      • UK/French co-production
      • Loach's largest grossing film (made approx. $15 million despite having only £3.5 million budget), highly critically acclaimed & generated much debate due to the contemporary social & political issues addressed
    • Industry Context
      • Production & economic contexts of independent films differ from mainstream films (independent films- privately created & financed, lower budget, smaller film companies, absence of high profile stars, everyday settings, focuses on narrative not actors, different distribution model (viral, word of mouth, screenings at smaller cinemas, shorter run), distinguishable style related to genre message or filmmaker, different filming style e.g. handheld camera to establish realism
    • Social and Political Context
      • contemporary British social issues are addressed: poverty, welfare system, starvation, unemployment, technology, prostitution
        • presented in the trailer: cool colour temps, distressed expressions, iconography of food bank, council flats, job centre, melancholic audio, shouting and heartbeat audio, subtitles "Ken Loach" "protest cry for common humanity", language "job seekers allowance" "loose everything" "good people on the street"
      • Austerity= difficult economic conditions created by govt measures to reduce public expenditure
        • Central focus of the film to spread awareness of the issue
    • Economic Context
      • Untitled
    • Ownership and Control
    • Ken Loach (Director)
      • renowned filmmaker (Kes, Raining Stones, Cathy Come Home, etc)
    • Is the film mainstream?
    • Target Audience
    • Production
    • Marketing
    • Distribution
    • Regulation
    • Curran and Seaton's Power and Media Industries Theory
  • Section B: Industries
  • 2016


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