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2. Structuralism 'whena plot is structured around a series of questions to maintain the audiences' interest in the product'. This is...

  • Enigmatic codes
  • Action codes
  • Symbolic codes

3. Liberal Pluralism...

  • suggests the idea that government contrainsts and concerns don't limit the inclusiveness of the media
  • suggests the idea that media products are subject to the wishes of the audience
  • suggests the idea that the media manipulates the audience to prevent rebellion

4. Which is these is NOT a media effects theory?

  • Social Learning perspective
  • Two Step Flow
  • Post-structuralism
  • Cultivation/Saturation Perspecetive
  • Hyperdermic Needle theory

5. The second level on which we read media products is...

  • Stereotypical Level
  • Symbolic Level
  • Representational Level
  • Cultural Level
  • Synaptic Level
  • Signalisational Level
  • Syntactic Level


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