MAY 2015 Marketing Fourth

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1. Consumers learn about new products for the first time and make the decision to buy them during the ________.

  • b) Adoption process
  • d) Evaluation process
  • c) Trial process
  • a) Quality assessment stage
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2. When Garden Hotel wants to have at least 90% of its customers indicating they had a memorable and satisfying experience at the hotel, this is an example of:

  • b) A marketing objective
  • d) A mission statement
  • c) A strategic plan
  • a) Implementing the marketing mix

3. Which of the following lists of elements form the promotional mix?

  • a) Advertising, sales management, direct marketing, customer relationship management, PR
  • c) Advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, PR
  • b) Advertising, sales management, direct marketing, pricing, PR
  • d) Advertising, branding, direct marketing, pricing, PR

4. In market research, a dichotomous question is?

  • d) One which asks two questions in one – e.g. “Do you buy this brand consistently? Please explain
  • b) One which allows only two choices
  • c) One which is geared towards obtaining as much information as possible
  • a) One for which the answers are opposite

5. Asda wishes to determine how many people buy its new range of cosmetics. What type(s) of research would be most appropriate in this situation? a) Qualitative research b) Quantitative research c) Focus groups d) Observation

  • c) c & d
  • b) b & d
  • d) a, c & d
  • a) a


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