MAY 2015 Marketing Fourth

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1. Consumers learn about new products for the first time and make the decision to buy them during the ________.

  • b) Adoption process
  • a) Quality assessment stage
  • d) Evaluation process
  • c) Trial process
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2. Which stage of the Product Life Cycle is characterised by a rapid increase in product sales?

  • b) Decline phase
  • a) Growth phase
  • c) Maturity phase
  • d) Introductory phase

3. When Garden Hotel wants to have at least 90% of its customers indicating they had a memorable and satisfying experience at the hotel, this is an example of:

  • c) A strategic plan
  • a) Implementing the marketing mix
  • b) A marketing objective
  • d) A mission statement

4. An organisation's business goals should be derived from its

  • c) Strategic business plan
  • b) Strategic plan
  • a) Mission statement
  • d) Marketing plan

5. Most business purchases can be classified as belonging to one of three types:

  • b) Modified rebuy, new-task, or straight rebuy
  • d) Rebuy, reciprocal, or delayed
  • a) Repetitive, new-task, or modified rebuy
  • c) Delinquent, new-task, or reciprocal


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