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What is marketing communications?
All of the messages and media that an organisation deploys to communicate with its audience and the market.
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What are marketing communication tools?
These are a set of tools that can be used in different combinations to create a strong message for the target audience.
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What is media?
Those channels through which the tools are carried e.g. Television, internet.
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Macro/Micro environmental analysis
There are two kinds of external marketing environments. These environment factors influence the decisions made when creating a marketing strategy
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Micro environement
The actors close to the company taht affect its ability to serve its customers- the comapny, suppliers, customer markets competitors, and publics.
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Macro environment
The larger societal forces that affect the microenvironment- Demographic, economical, natural, technological, political, and cultural forces.
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The marketing planning process
Purpose is to systematically seek an organisations objectives and create strategies regarding how these may be acheived.
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Analysis (planning process)
Includes a full analysis of a comapanies overview including internal and external audits.
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Planning (planning process)
The company decides who its customers are using the STP process.
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Implementation (planning process)
Marketers use elements from the marketing mix (4P's) to influence the target market.
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Control (planning process)
The plan and its objectives are monitores and evaluated.
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What does 'DRIP' stand for
Differentiate; Reinforce; Inform; Persuade
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Define 'Public relations'
The management of communication between an organisation and its publics.
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Define 'Advertisng'
A paid for, non-personal form of mass communication from an identified source, used to communicate information and influence consumer behaviour.
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Define 'Sales promotion'
The use of short term incentives to encourage people to act.
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Define 'Direct marketing'
An intereactive system which uses one or more advertising media to affect measurable response and/or transaction in any location.
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Define 'Personal selling'
A personal communication with potential buyers and the intention of making a sale. This initally may have a focus on developing a relationship with customers.
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What are marketing communication tools?


These are a set of tools that can be used in different combinations to create a strong message for the target audience.

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What is media?


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Macro/Micro environmental analysis


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Micro environement


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