Marx and religion Philosophy

What year was Karl Marx thinking and writing in?
19th Century
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What was going n through the time period of Karl Marx?
the Industrial Revolution
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Bourgeoisie meaning?
The rich
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Proletariat meaning?
The poor
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What did Marx want?
The Proletariat to rise up against the Bourgeoisie and to remove of Capitalism and the individual ownership of means of production
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Marx quote on religion and money
'Religion is fully determined by econmoics'
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What would happen if religion was not constructed by money?
It would fail
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What is irrelevant if money is the man focus of religion?
Religious principles
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Marx main quote on religion?
'religion is the opium of the people'
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Why does Marx refer religion to a drug?
Because it makes your forget the pain and suffering for a temporarily like a drug
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Who manages the opium drug?
The oppressors- the rich
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What does the drug make the working class refrain from?
Overthrowing the ruling class and uniting together
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What does Marx believe the working class are under?
A state of false class consciousness
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False class consciousness definition?
The working class not being aware of how unfair society is
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Marx view on God overall?
Irrational and an illusion
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Marx quote on hating all God's?
'I hate all Gods, they do not recognize man's self consciousness as the highest divinity'
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'I hate all Gods, they do not recognize man's self consciousness as the highest divinity' meaning?
He has no interest in any form of God and argues when believing in God it takes away our highest ideals and turns us away from them
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God makes us change from our normal self and alienates us from all of the bad in society quotation to support this?
'The more of a man attributes to God, the less he has left in himself.'
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Why does Marx not believe in God?
There is no proof
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God is an oppressive figure, what quotation supports this?
'Sigh of the oppressed creature'
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Why does Marx believe the working class only believe in God?
It eases the pain they experience day to day in their lives- 'Eases the pain even as it creates fantasies'
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What is Durkheim's belief that the function of religion is?
To comfort believers and to unite them together
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What did Durkheim believe we should unite for?
The sake of society not religion
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What did Durkheim believe that religion does? Quotation
'Religion reinforces collective consciousness'
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Freud's occupation?
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What does Freud believe religion is?
Man's own mind- God is the creating of human mind
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How are traumatic experinces in our childhood related to religion?
traumatic experiences from our childhood get locked away in a conscious mind, none of these become resolved when locked away- same with the W/C sitiuations
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Dawkin's occupation?
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How does Dawkin's occupation relate to his argument of religion?
He showed us how we evolved meaning God is not necessary in the giving of life. Man cannot cope with the fact the world may not have a purpose so create God for their answers.
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Dawkin's argues man need to grow out of religion and....
'Superstitious ideas'
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What is Paul Tillich and Aquinas argument?
The True faith weakness
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Paul Tillich criticism of Marx view on religion three points? (one quotation)
1. Marx fails to take in to consideration true faith 2.Marx bases his argument on the man made concepts 3. 'Encompasses that to which people are the most devoted'
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Aquinas contribution to the True Faith Weakness?
Argues God is real, he is not just a man made concept.
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Aquinas argument he includes in the TFW
Argument of contingent being. There must be a necessary.
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How does CAFOD criticize Marx?
It is a catholic organisation that seeks to help the poor. Contrast with Marx view that religion is only use as a tool of oppression. CAFOD use their faith to help others
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Where did Liberation theology grow?
South America
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Why did the Liberation theology start?
It was a response to the poverty and ill-treatment of ordinary people
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Why does the LT contrast with Marx's ideas of religion?
They believed that they should used the example of Jesus and bring about change in society.
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Quotation/Phrase linked with the LT and Jesus
'If Jesus Christ were on Earth today, he would be a Marxist revolutionary'
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What does the LT believe the Bible should be read from?
The perspective of the poor and those who were denied their status as human beings.
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What does the LT believe the Church should do and how?
Bring about social change.
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Example of social change in LT
Some Priests and Nuns moved to a poverty area to share living conditions. discovered oppression is wrong and needs to be stopped.
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Gustavo Gutierrez quotation LT
'We are on the side of the poor not because they are good, but because they are poor'
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What was going n through the time period of Karl Marx?


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