Markets and Theories

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1. What are Dynamic Markets?

  • A very small market
  • Markets that are likely to change, they do not remain the same over time
  • A type of business plan that helps a business to work out the social changes
  • A new idea for a business
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2. As a benefit, which theories believe that their theory will increase the productivity?

  • Maslow, Mayo, Taylor
  • Taylor, Herzberg, Mayo
  • Herzberg, Maslow, Taylor
  • Herzberg, Maslow, Mayo

3. As people get wealthier, they demand goods such as; Holidays, Cars and Electronic goods. Which type of growth is this?

  • Social
  • Legislative
  • Economic
  • Innovation

4. Which theory involves Scientific Management?

  • Herzberg
  • Maslow
  • Taylor
  • Mayo

5. Ban for advertising tobacco may reduce market size for cigarettes. Which type of Market Growth is this?

  • Social
  • Legislation
  • Innovation
  • Economic


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