Markets and Theories

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1. What is Value?

  • How much a product is worth before tax
  • Total amount spent by the customers buying products
  • Price - Raw material costs
  • How much a product is sold for
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2. What is an example of a Niche Market?

  • Soya Milk
  • Rulers
  • Pencils
  • Carrots

3. Who believed in the theory that everyone starts at the bottom of the pyramid and strives to seek further achievement?

  • Herzberg
  • Taylor
  • Maslow
  • Mayo

4. What is a disadvantage of a Niche Market?

  • Very small and unable to support competing firms
  • A large sector of the market and firms challenge them
  • They cater for the needs of specific individuals

5. What is a Niche Market?

  • A type of mass market
  • A small market segment
  • A large sector of the market
  • A popular branch of ecommerce


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