Love Through the Ages Poetry Pre 1900

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1. What is The Flea a metaphor of?

  • The female protagonist's virginity
  • The male protagonist's virginity
  • The female protagonist
  • It is not a metaphor
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2. What is the rhythm in The Flea?

  • Iambic hexameter
  • A cross between iambic pentameter and iambic petrameter
  • Iambic tetrameter
  • Iambic pentameter

3. What is the rhymescheme of Sonnet 116?

  • ABBA
  • AABB
  • ABAB
  • AAAA

4. What is a characteristic of cavalier poets?

  • Carpe diem
  • Eleveated language
  • Hyperbolic Expressions
  • Mocking of sonnets

5. What significance did John Wilmot have?

  • He slept with Anne Boleyn
  • He was related to Shakespeare
  • He was one of Charles II's courtiers
  • He was a royal


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