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Christina Rossetti
AS Poems…read more

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Context ­ for even number questions…read more

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Rossetti's life
Born in London to a family of artists
Part of the Pre-Raphaelite movement
First book of poetry printed by grandfather aged
Aged 19 began contributing to The Germ
First full collection published aged 32 (1862)
1859-1870 volunteered at a house for prostitutes
Very ill like all the time from 1880 onwards…read more

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Among the first super famous female poets- not
really recognised during her time though
Hailed as the next Elizabeth Barrett-Browning
Queen Vic represented femininity through
family, motherhood and respect ­ icon of
Feminist views are strong in most of her poems…read more

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Era of religious domination
Britain influenced of Church of England
Bible generally taken as literal truth
Time of change though ­ science was coming to
the foreground, people began to think there
might be more than just religion
Bible references were characteristic of Victorian
literature however
New, simpler religious movements developed ­
Methodism and Baptism…read more

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Victorian London was a place of extreme poverty
Industrialisation meant the population of Britain
tripled over the 19th century
Most of the new jobs were being found in the
now-industrialized cities so people were leaving
their rural roots to seek work in cities
· Cities could not support this influx of people, leading to
work houses, disease and starvation…read more

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