Analysis of poems by Thomas Hardy

Analysis of Poems by Thomas Hardy including  Under The Waterfall, The Convergence Of The Twain, Neutral Tones, The Darkling Thrush,, At An Inn, The Going, The Voice, At Castle Boterel, Afterwards, The Hunter

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Analysing and
Understanding the commenting
poem Under the Waterfall
The day has "escaped"
Memories of a Whenever I plunge my arm like this it cannot be
romantic event (a In a basin of water, I never miss regained/repeated
picnic?) whenever
The sweet sharp sense of a fugitive day
the woman put her Oxymoron "sweet
Fetched back from a thickening shroud of gray.
hands into a basin of sharp"
water Hence the only prime
And real loverhyme Suggests death, burial,
That I know by heart, permanent loss
Flow with a And that leaves no smart,
Swirling motion Is the purl of a little valley fall Rhyming couplets.
About three spans wide and two spans tall Contrived??
Over a table of solid rock,
. And into a scoop of the selfsame black
Theme of time and
The purl of a runlet that never ceases
how human affairs
In stir of Kingdoms in, wars and peaces have no effect on
With a hollow boiling voice it speaks nature and the
And has spoken since the hills were turfless peaks landscape.
Second voice in the And why does plunging your arm in a bowl Sounds like ancient
poem questioning Full of spring water, bring throbs to your soul?' times
Well, under the waterfall, in a crease of stone,
Though where precisely none has ever known,
Jammed darkly, nothing to show how prized, Suggests a powerful
The woman answers and physical reaction
And by now with its smoothness opalised
and tells the story of
Is a drinking glass:
a picnic and the loss
of a wine glass in a For down that pass
waterfall My lover and I
Walked under a sky A more harmonious
Of blue with a leafwove awning of green, description of the
In the burn of August, to paint the scene landscape here.
And we placed our basket of fruit and wine
By the runlet's rim, where we sat to dine
And when we had drunk from the glass together,
A suggestion in this line
I held the vessel to rinse in the fall
that the relationship
Where it slipped, and sank, and was past recall, was not lasting or that
Though we stooped and plumbed the little abyss the romance did not
With long bared arms. The glass still is. last even if the
As, as said, if I thrust my arm below relationship did.
Cold water in a basin or bowl, a throe
From the past awakens a sense of that time
And the glass we used, and the cascade's rhyme.

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Comparing the pool
The woman and the basin (natural
believes that the The basin seems the pool, and its edge and man made)
past can be The hard smooth face of the bookside ledge,
recalled in And the leafy pattern of chinaware
The hanging plants that were bathing there.
present events
The love is now
and........…read more

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The Convergence of the Twain
(Lines on the loss of the Titanic)
Suggests that Hardy is
The first 5 verses I going to criticise
describe the In a solitude of the sea human vanity and
Titanic lying alone Deep from human vanity pride
at the bottom of And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she
the sea.
The ship's II
engines? The Steel chambers, late the pyres Ironic.…read more

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Marriage metaphors
As the building of
the ship VIII
progressed so the And as the smart ship grew
iceberg grew In stature, grace and hue,
In shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg too.
No one would see
any link between IX
the Titanic and the Alien they seemed to be
iceberg but events No mortal eye could see Marriage
are preordained The intimate welding of their later history.…read more

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Moments of irony
Meaning Analysis
Neutral Tones The scene appears
very still and cold
Hardy remembers We stood by a pond that winter day (reflecting what has
a particular day And the sun was white as though chidden of God, happened to their
when the relationship). Created
And a few leaves lay on the starving sod
relationship with through verbs "stood"
(Emma) was at an
They had fallen from an ash and were gray. "lay" and adjectives
end.…read more

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The link between the landscape and human feelings and memories
Use of colour and how this relates to the title
Neutral tones ­ do their words lack any emotion (tone meaning sound also)
References to God and cursed might suggest fate and destiny.…read more

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Meaning The Darkling Thrush Comentary/analysis
Alone, Hardy looks I leant upon a coppice gate Ghostly and haunting
out over this
When frost was spectregrey
desolate scene. Suggests no hope
And winter's dregs made desolate
The weakening eye of day The simile of a broken
The tangled brinestems scored the sky instrument suggests broken
Like strings of broken lyres hopes/faith/loss of
And all mankind that haunted nigh optimism
Had sought their household fires. Double meaning (marked
with lines/a musical
composition).…read more

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It is the end of the year and Hardy is in a pessimistic mood as he looks out over the bleak landscape. Without
warning he hears the song of a thrush sounding full of life. He wonders what the thrush knows that he doesn't.
Some points to note
The descriptive detail and the linking of the landscape and Hardy's feelings.…read more

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Meaning At an Inn Commentary
A secret meeting at When we as strangers sought Sense of a journey
an inn where the Their catering care Colloquial
hosts thought that Veiled smiles bespoke their thought
they had a romantic Of what we were Suggests hidden and
relationship secret
They warmed as they opined
Us more than friends ­
That we had all resigned
For love's dear ends.…read more

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Why shaped us for his sport (interesting that love is
In after hours? male personified)
Hardy wants to
regain the And as we seemed we were not Note the references to
relationship before That day afar time in this verse.
they die.…read more



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