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Analysing and
Understanding the commenting
poem Under the Waterfall
The day has "escaped"
Memories of a Whenever I plunge my arm like this it cannot be
romantic event (a In a basin of water, I never miss regained/repeated
picnic?) whenever
The sweet sharp sense of a fugitive day
the woman…

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Comparing the pool
The woman and the basin (natural
believes that the The basin seems the pool, and its edge and man made)
past can be The hard smooth face of the bookside ledge,
recalled in And the leafy pattern of chinaware
The hanging plants that were bathing there.

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The Convergence of the Twain
(Lines on the loss of the Titanic)
Suggests that Hardy is
The first 5 verses I going to criticise
describe the In a solitude of the sea human vanity and
Titanic lying alone Deep from human vanity pride
at the bottom of And the Pride…

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was forming the

Marriage metaphors
As the building of
the ship VIII
progressed so the And as the smart ship grew
iceberg grew In stature, grace and hue,
In shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg too.

No one would see
any link between IX
the Titanic and the Alien…

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Moments of irony

Meaning Analysis

Neutral Tones The scene appears
very still and cold
Hardy remembers We stood by a pond that winter day (reflecting what has
a particular day And the sun was white as though chidden of God, happened to their
when the relationship). Created
And a few…

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The link between the landscape and human feelings and memories
Use of colour and how this relates to the title
Neutral tones ­ do their words lack any emotion (tone meaning sound also)
References to God and cursed might suggest fate and destiny.

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Meaning The Darkling Thrush Comentary/analysis

Alone, Hardy looks I leant upon a coppice gate Ghostly and haunting
out over this
When frost was spectregrey
desolate scene. Suggests no hope
And winter's dregs made desolate
The weakening eye of day The simile of a broken
The tangled brinestems scored the sky…

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It is the end of the year and Hardy is in a pessimistic mood as he looks out over the bleak landscape. Without
warning he hears the song of a thrush sounding full of life. He wonders what the thrush knows that he doesn't.

Some points to note

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Meaning At an Inn Commentary

A secret meeting at When we as strangers sought Sense of a journey
an inn where the Their catering care Colloquial
hosts thought that Veiled smiles bespoke their thought
they had a romantic Of what we were Suggests hidden and
relationship secret
They warmed as…

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Why shaped us for his sport (interesting that love is
In after hours? male personified)

Hardy wants to
regain the And as we seemed we were not Note the references to
relationship before That day afar time in this verse.
they die. He wishes It sounds rather like a




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