language and technology key words

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simple sentences
A function of the spped of communication or constraints of time and purpose
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complex sentences
more used in blogs, media texts or when their is a need to convey detailed information
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words clipped down to shortened forms such as 'phone'
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combines shortening and compounding such as email or smog
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words made up of combinations of words or parts of other words sucg as the internet or wishlist
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lexical choices with particular connotations can help show expertise or familiarity about technology
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informal lexis
typical feature of texts, blogs, email etc. imitates language of speech, creates a closer relationship between writer and reader/speaker and listener
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lexical field
may be linked to specific context and be part of sociolect or idiolect
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low frequency/ formal lexis
can signal power through demonstrating superior interllectual ability
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loan words
words borrowed from other languages to use in a different technological context such as web, mouse & to surf and to follow
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creation of a new word such as email, to google, and an app.
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2nd person pronouns
directly address the reader to involve them and personalise the text
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typical feature of spoken and informal interaction and therefore used to replicate this
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commonn in text, social networking and blogs as part of the sociolect, seen as acceptable due to shared understanding of the context of the situation
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using extra letters for effect such as soooooooo
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prosodic features
paralinguistic vocal elements of spoken language that give emphasis, create humour, suggest the intended meaning
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present tense shows immediacy, imitate language of spoken speech
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implied meaning
implied or pragmatic meanings can be difficult to interpret becasue of the imitation of spoken language in written format which is asynchronous
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an abbreviation which is pronounced as a single word such as LOL, YOLO and NATO (the north atlantic treaty organization)
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asynchronous discourse
Discourse in which there are delays between turns that participants take
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works of an individual who posts content on subjects that interest themto build social relationships with their readers and other bloggers
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list of sites displayed in the side bar of a blog showing who the blogger reads reguarly
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people who get conversations going by their postings and ongoing interactions
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representation of facial expressions used to add emphasis to a comment such as :)
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creation and use of a groups own social language as a deliberate attempt to kepp others from understanding what has been written
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Go off-topic
posts that stray from the original topic of thread
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posting a conribution aimed at anotehr user deemed inappropriate or aggressive
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words or phrases prefixed with the symbol # messages may be tagged by including 1 or more tags and words enabling a person to search for a string in a search engine
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homophonic representation
letters and numbers to represent words similar in sound such as 2day or g8
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an abbreviation usimng the 1st letter of a group of words, pronouncing each letter such as BBC, FAQ, DVD etc
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those that read message boards but who rarely post themselves
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talk that draws attention to the act of talking such as I'd better stop talking
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phatic speech acts
talk to maintain cooperation or respect of the other speaker such as I'll speak to you soon
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person posting a contribution on a message board
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pre- closing sequences
signals speakers wish to end a conversation 'I'd better go now'
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pre-populated elements
some genres have compulsory and optional elements that dictate the structure- headers, date, subject, time etcthese aspects frame the message
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Screen name
pseudonyms or user names for internet communication often linked to the creation of an online persona
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synchronous discourse
discourse that takes place in real time
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a farewell changes according to context and relationship
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variant spelling
deliberately misspelt words for effect such as coz or waz
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vowel ommision
leaving out vowel sounds usually for speed
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more used in blogs, media texts or when their is a need to convey detailed information


complex sentences

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words clipped down to shortened forms such as 'phone'


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combines shortening and compounding such as email or smog


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words made up of combinations of words or parts of other words sucg as the internet or wishlist


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Paul Dutton

A good revision tool looking at important key terms. 


this is **** poor


reeaalllyyy bad! poor spelling and definitions.

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