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AS English Language Revision
Language & Technology

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Key Terms
Key Term Definition
Affixes An addition to the stem of a word to
create a new word
Asynchronous Discourse in which there are delays
between what each participant says
Broadcast Onetomany communication
Compound Two words that merge together to
make one
Dyadic Onetoone speech
Ephemeral Leaving no trace…

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Phatic Speech Acts Turns designed to maintain a sense of
cooperation or respect to the other
Preclosing Sequence Signals that one or both speakers
wish to end the conversation
Phonetic Spelling Spelling that represents the sound of
the word as opposed to its
conventional spelling
Lexical Class Where the…

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(strengthening the shared space)

Technology (Pros & Constraints)
Social Networking

Advantages Disadvantages
Can upload photos Identity can be held secret ­
unknown people (paedophiles)
Easy form to stay in touch/can Cyberbullying
communicate with people far away
Can meet new people People can find out information

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Contains: headers, date, from, subject, to, and other optional elements.
Can attach pictures/text/sound clips. Advantages include: it can be sent
onetomany (or appear dyadic (onetoone) but is actually sent to
others secretly using "CC:", it can be redrafted before sending, spell
check can be carried out, it is extremely…


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