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Acronymy This is a phrase of words that have been
abbreviated to just the starting of the word BUT
they are pronounced as one whole word, `lol'
(laugh out loud).
Asynchronous discourse There are delays between turns, e.g. message
bcc/ccc Carbon copy/blind carbon copy, these…

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Phonetic spelling These are words that are spelt like they are
pronounced, `iluvu' (I love you).
Pre-closing sequence This signals that one (or both) speakers wish to
end the conversation.
Prosodic features These are used instead of paralinguistic
techniques (hand movements etc. to add more
meaning to words), they are…


Paul Dutton

A very useful guide to the key words required.

Bethany Cunningham

Thanks again Paul Dutton.

sharman stuff

Bethany Cunningham

Thank you Sharman!

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