Kidney Physiology

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1. Aldosterone fine tunes reabsorption of the remaining Na, this role is to increase blood volume and pressure - this occurs because ___________

  • Water follows Na
  • Water opposes Na's direction
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2. The tubuloglomerular feedbacl mechanism constricts the afferent arteriole when the NaCl concentrations are high, which ____________

  • Allows more time for reabsorbtion
  • Allows less time for reabsorbtion

3. Maintaining extracellular homeostasis and blood pressure requires intrinsic (renal autoregulation) controls and extrinsic (nervous and endocrine) system

  • True
  • False

4. They myogenic mechanism reflects vascular smooth muscle, if blood pressure rises, the _________ arteriole constricts to reduce the blood flow entering the glomerulus

  • Afferent
  • Efferent

5. There is a transport maximum, once this is reached _____________

  • The excess is excreted
  • Liver damage


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