Water & Waste

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Mammals gain water through drinking, eating and chemical reactions (aerobic respiration).

Mammals lose water through urinating, faeces, sweating and breathing.

The kidney regulates water balance and gets rid of poisonous substances.

ADH - Anti-Diuretic Hormone controls the volume of water reabsorbed by the kidney nephrons.

Structures involved in producing urine including the kidneys, ureter, bladder and renal artery (which takes blood to the kidneys) and renal vein (which take blood away from the kidneys). (http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/bitesize/standard/biology/images/kidney_function.gif)

The kidneys function is to regulate water balance and to get rid of poisonous substances.

The renal artery carries unpurified blood away from the kidney.

The renal vein brings unpurified blood to the kidney.

The ureter carries urine to the bladder.

The bladder is temporary storage of urine.

The kidney removes water containing harmful urea, takes back glucose and some of the




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