Key Issue 2

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1. What was the "Mutterkreuz"?

  • A medal awarded to women who had given birth to the largest number of children,
  • A humiliating medal given to Aryan women who married Jews.
  • A medal given to women with the cleanest houses.
  • A medal given to young women as part of "Lebensborn".
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2. Who was Baldur von Schirach?

  • Leader of the Gestapo.
  • Youth Leader of the Reich Youth Organisation.
  • Introduced a Nazi National Curriculum.
  • Catholic Bishop of Munster.

3. What were the Nuremberg Laws?

  • A set of laws outlining the Nazis racial policy towards the Jews.
  • Law for the Encouragement of Marriage.
  • A series of propaganda rallies.
  • A series of military tribunals.

4. What was "Autarky"?

  • Rearmament
  • National Self Sufficiency
  • Hitler's Racial Policy
  • Public Work Schemes

5. Who were The Edelweiss Pirates?

  • The female branch of the Hitler Youth.
  • A branch of the SA who opposed Hitler.
  • An alternative youth group which began in opposition to the Hitler Youth?
  • An elitist branch of the Hitler Youth.


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